Benefits of Straight Teeth

Whether you’re contemplating braces or a process using invisible aligners for yourself or your child, we’ll let you in on a few secrets—straight teeth offer a wealth of benefits! When you have straight teeth, it can lead to improved dental function, easier cleaning and reduced teeth grinding. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy if you have straight teeth:

  • They’re easy to clean – When teeth are crooked, it is harder for a toothbrush to reach the entire surface of your teeth. And teeth that are too close together cannot be flossed, which can lead to a buildup of plaque and tooth or gum disease.
  • You’ll enjoy a better bite – In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a straighter smile, orthodontic treatment also fixes your bite and balances the force of your bite throughout your teeth. When teeth are crooked and misaligned, the force of your bite can be focused on just a few of your teeth. Over time, this can cause problems with these teeth.
  • Confidence to smile – Yes, the functional benefits of straight teeth are very important, but it would be remiss to not mention the benefits to your self-confidence. Having crooked teeth can be a source of shame and embarrassment, especially to younger people. If you get your teeth straightened, other people will have a better perception of how intelligent and likeable you are.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, schedule a consultation today at United Smiles in Chester and Colonial Heights, VA to learn more about the best treatment options available to you.